Remote view an object.



  1. Have a pencil and paper so you can take notes about the target.

  2. The object is on a display table on the second floor of Craig's home. That's all you need. You don't need an address or even a state. Your intention will take your consciousness to the display table on the second floor of Craig's house.

  3. Close your eyes, relax, breathe deeply, and empty your mind. Enjoy the emptiness for a few moments. Keep the window in your mind black. I like to put something over my eyes to create total darkness.

  4. Think of "the object on the display table on the second floor of Craig's house." Say that over to yourself quietly as you keep your mind as an empty rice bowl.

  5. If any colors, shapes, temperatures, textures, movement, or other characteristics come to you, open your eyes and write them down just as they come. If you see an image in your black window, sketch it. Don't try to identify it. Don't assign a name to it. Only sketch and describe shapes (a tall, narrow shape with a rounded object at the top; feels hard; it's warm). Never try to guess at what the shapes are. If you are seeing something you can identify, it is imagination, not remote viewing.

    You most often will sense or see only a small part of the target.

  6. After you write something down, close your eyes and quiet your mind again. Relax, make your mind into an empty rice bowl, and say "the object on the display table on the second floor of Craig's house" to yourself again. Allow senses to come to your mind and images into your black window.

  7. Write down anything you sense or see.

  8. When you have spent some time viewing the target, stop. Click on the link below to see the target. Don't look at the target until you are completely finished with the viewing.

  9. Score yourself as explained on the page that appears with the target.

When you are finished viewing the target, click here to see the target.

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