Sample Remote Viewing Sessions:
Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild


The Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild has been training together and doing remote viewing for several years now. Under the direction of Glenn Wheaton, they have become quite proficient. Some examples of their work follow. The viewers were given a code, such as D9P6-N5W4. The code has no hidden meaning. It is random letters and numbers. The purpose of the code is to allow the remote viewer to focus attention on a single object in the universe out of all the billions of other objects. It does not clue the viewer into any information.

The viewers would then get impressions about the target using a special protocol developed by the Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild and sketch their impressions. Only after they had finished would they be allowed to see the actual target photograph. The images that follow contain the remote viewers' sketches with the photographs that were the targets of their remote viewing.

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